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Art: The Angle Show

March 14, 2012

Those who know me, knows that music is my first love, my boyfriend for life!  He makes me cry, laugh, jump for joy, dance and makes me feel a whole ‘nother range of emotions.  Although, I do not own the craft or skill of an instrument [tried the bass but, yeah, that’s another story], i have an ear for music.  In some shape or form, i can relate to all genres.  From jazz to pop or country to rock, I listen to it all.  Don’t judge me.  Lol!  With that being said, there is a web-based show called The Angle Show that speaks to me on so many levels!!!  Not only does The Angle feature amazing musicians, but it also touches on politics, visual art, the culture of American people and so much more.  I absolutely love it!  The host is one of the most amazing b-girls i know, nevermind the fact that she is family.  heehee!  Her name is Paige Hernandez-Funn, and she is probably one of the most creative, innovative, talented, dope,  and the absolute biggest lover of music i know. 

Paige with my daughter, her niece, Ashanti.

Not only that, she is an actress that has graced many stages like the Kennedy Center, Arena Stage, Everyman Theatre … I mean the list goes on forever.  The girl is bad.

Well now, she is THE host with the most for The Angle Show.  Click here to check out one of my favorite episodes! 

About the Angle Show:

“The Angle is an eclectic documentary series that features a variety of topics, people, places or things affecting American Culture—all with a creative twist à la Park Triangle Productions. The series explores subjects from a variety of angles or perspectives and covers a wide range of topics, from food and sex, to religion and modern politics. Personalities run the gamut from intellectuals and activists to artists and the girl next door.

Unlike your typical documentary series, our commentary doesn’t come strictly from experts, but also from everyday people who offer their insights and criticisms, and share their candid opinions, artistic expressions and true life stories.

The Angle enables more voices to be heard, and we don’t shy away from controversy. Prepare to be entertained, inspired and even offended. We are always looking for real world people with interesting stories, ideas, or artistry to contribute to future episodes. Do you have something to say? Then tell us, what’s your angle?”


So without further ado, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  The Angle Show that is. 

psssssssst….spread the word!