Technology: Apple iPad & iPhone

March 13, 2012

I wonder what Steve is thinking in heaven when he heard that Apple is about to release the iPad 3 ALREADY!  I know technology is on a fast forward motion right now but Sheesh.  *falling back a bit*  Ok, so there is the new rave of the ipad 3 but is it too soon?!  i feel like the ipad 2 was just released.  i don’t think people had a chance to even come down from the excitement of that.  And there is the iPhone 5 that was supposed to be released but instead, out came the 4s pretty much the 4 1/2.  Naturally, everyone jumped at the chance to get one, causing Apples stock to go through the roof!  I mean good, for those who have shares.  [smile.  thanks everyone], but now those who have the 4s are kinda pee’d because while they are not up for renewal to get a new phone probably for another year, Apple has decided to release the iPhone 5 this fall.  I mean, that’s great for folks like me that didnt jump at the first chance to get the iphone 4s, but wow!  i really think that with Apple releasing these items so fast, it’s causing people to lose interest in the products now.  Don’t get me wrong, Apple is, to me, the best of the best [while i look at my Android phone that is dying already after it has been charged all day].

At this point, i’m not in a rush to get the iPhone or the iPad anytime soon, because the way things are looking, a new and improved one will be out no sooner than i get the one before it.  Blah!  I guess my MacBook Air will do me just fine for now and i will be sure to carry around my charger for my Android phone at all times until i think i have the newest and improved iPhone.  We’ll see.

Do you have an iPad or iPhone?  If so, which one do you have and do you have any regrets jumping on the purchase?  I’m just curious to know if i am really missing out on anything and give in to the hype.


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