Hair | Style | Makeup: Simplicity

February 29, 2012

My ideal everyday look

Since i could remember, i have always been the little girl more into simplicity and comfort versus the glitz and glamour when it came to hair, makeup and my style of dress.  i’ve tried over the years as i have grown into an adult to spruce things up a bit, but if it’s not in me, i’m not willing to force it for the sake of what’s considered “fashion” or acceptible in the current social media’s to only be uncomfortable and lacking confidence.

Me in a nutshell:

MAKEUP:  consists of a concealer, tinted moisturizer, press powder, a natural tinted gloss [MAC Viva Glam V lipglass to be exact] mascara and a nice bronzer or soft blush [MAC Peachtwist] that gives me a little bit of a pop of color and that is it. 

STYLE:  well, i’m a lover of anything Vintage.  i remember as a young girl, rummaging through my mothers closet looking forward to including some of her pieces into my future wardrobe.  I love anything from a  high waisted pencil skirt or pleated skirt that goes past my knobby knees, a button up blouse with a big soft bow tie at the kneck and a nice pair of pumps.  Jewerly has never been my thing, so i have to try to embellish with my shoe game.  This is as good as it gets.

HAIR:  i’m even that much more simple when it comes to hair.  Because i am a new natural head [meaning, i shaved my hair off in March of last year] and my hair is finally at a nice 4 inches long, there is not much i can do with it.  the most courageous i’ve gotten was rocking a faux hawk on New Years Eve and for a friends birthday gathering recently, that actually turned out super cute and was a hit with everyone.  Even my sweetie!  However, as soon as it proves itself to be long enough, a high bun it is!  

This is as good as it gets and i love me just the way i am.  what’s your style?


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