Fashion: Sika Designs

February 29, 2012

Ever since i traveled to East Africa, i fell in love with their colorful and absolutely gorgeous prints!!!  I loved how they mixed and matched different patterns and colors to create beautiful garments.  It’s funny, because until visiting East Africa [Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Zanzibar], i never really noticed it here in the states.  Of course, i brought back many different yards of material in an array of colors and patterns as well as Kanga’s that are traditionally worn as a head wrap, around the waist or support to hold a baby in a sling fashion.  I also had a beautiful skirt made just to fit me while i was there.  Thankfully, i don’t have to travel across the world to get them made now.  Sika from Sika Designs has her very own collection that can be purchased online here

Her designs are perfect for a cocktail dinner, the workplace or something as extravegant as a wedding.  I look forward to my first purchase very soon.  Enjoy!


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