Beauty: birchbox or myglam

December 2, 2011

UPDATE:  While, I am IN LOVE with my birchbox subscription i receieve monthly, I am not so happy with the Glam Bag.  I know they are a new company and still trying to establish themselves, but the customer service has been non-existant [via email] as they do not respond to you, you cannot contact a real person by phone, and in my bag, i only received 2 out of the 4 or 5 samples that are supposed to be included only because they replaced them with gift cards.  Maybe they ran out, i’m not sure, but i’m hoping March will be a better month for them.  If not, i will be canceling my subscription quick, fast and in a hurry.  *fingers crossed*


so i recently stumbled upon an amazing blog and i’m in love with her DIY’s.  but the article that peeked my interest in particular was about a birchbox.  i’ve never in my life heard of such a thing unless she was speaking of a birch colored wood box that you could find at ikea.  but that wasn’t it.  to my surprise, birchbox, is a company that sends you great samples of makeup, skincare, hair products, tools, etc., every month in a cute box! 

Amazing right!  unfortunately, it’s not for free, but what in this world is?!  i decided to give their monthly subscription a try and see what treats i get in over the next couple of months.  Hey…a girl deserves to treat herself at least once a month. [giving you the side eye]

Now, i really feel like i have been living in my own world of oblivion because i also recently found out that one of my favorite YouTubers, Michele Phan,  just started her own monthly bag sample products called myglam and i’m sure it’s all that and then some.  the catch with hers is that its only filled with makeup, and because myglam is still new, she doesn’t have many sponsors yet, but i’m sure she will very soon.  I’ve never been much into makeup, but a new year is upon us and it’s time to try new things. 

What i love most about both of these merchants is that i am able to sample things i probably wouldn’t normally pay money to do.  Oh and get this…myglam bags feature full size products and deluxe sized samples!  last but not least, if you do a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time with no penalty!  WINNING!

I will keep you all posted on the great surprises that will be coming to a mailbox near me soon.  🙂


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